Eating Healthy To Lose Weight

Eating Healthy To Lose Weight Is Satisfying And Restful

There’s always something new and interesting on the radio or television.  For example, it is apparently currently possible, if you take the right pills, to lose weight while you sleep, without changing your diet from unhealthy to healthy or doing the least bit of exercise.  However, eating healthy to lose weight is a lot easier and more fun than you might imagine.

Don’t Work Against Your Body

It isn’t impossible to lose weight while you sleep, but you need to have healthy nutrients moving through your body and a higher supply of muscle than fat.  It is also ideal to be eating healthy foods in proportions that rev up your metabolism for optimal fat burning. This combination of factors will help you to burn fat even when you aren’t exercising.

Not that exercise should be discounted.  Getting enough activity will help you burn fat, lose weight and build muscle ?? which burns fat.  It will also improve the effectiveness of your efforts to eat healthy to lose weight, both through caloric burn and the emotional benefits of exercise. 

The truth is that activity can make you feel good enough to do something crazy like stop eating when you’re full.  Thus exercise and a healthy diet will work with your body to burn fat and improve overall health.

“Diet” Isn’t The Same As Healthy

Whether it’s a weight loss plan with strange supplements or a reliance on “low fat” foods, it is very likely that you are doing your weight and your metabolism a disservice. 

While burning calories even during periods of inactivity is possible if your body is working to its optimum, you actually have to get rest and rejuvenation during those times for them to be of any value at all.

More and more studies are showing that getting sufficient rest is vital to having any kind of long-term, effective weight loss.  We hear a lot about the hormones that are released in our bodies when we’re tired that cause us to hoard calories ?? because stress tells us we’re under threat and in the past threat meant lack of food was imminent.  What people tend to forget to mention is the deleterious impact an unhealthy diet can have on our sleep.

Unhealthy Foods = Unrestful Rest

Most of the foods that are advertised as low-fat or reduced calorie have had their natural fat ?? both good and bad ?? removed and sugar added to bump up the taste. 

This means that not only are there fewer nutrients in what you eat, but the way your body processes it goes, as the British say “pear-shaped” which is relevant because it’s also the way your body may start to appear, despite your efforts. 

Instead of processing the nutrients to where your body needs them and can get the most use out them in the form of metabolism revving and calorie and fat-burning energy, it winds up storing them as fat.  You also wind up being insufficiently active during the day, because being stuffed with sugar really makes a person tired, despite that quick lift. 

That means you don’t sleep as well at night, which interferes with your body’s healing and rejuvenating processes.  You also are more prone to snaking to both help you sleep and to make up for the energy deficit from being up all night watching exercise infomercials.

Eating healthy to lose weight on the other hand provides your system with energy to get through the day, only storing what you genuinely don’t use, rather than being tricked into stockpiling fat and depriving desperate cells. 

If you gear this nutrient-rich diet to your specific metabolic needs, you will function better during the day and sleep better at night.  The weight loss will come naturally as a simple result of being rested and energized.

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