Healthy Eating Habits Essay

Lessons On Dieting – Eating Enough Healthy Foods And Eating Regularly

Yes, I know youre trying to lose weight and most people eat too much food, which leads to that weight gain. So it stands to reason that the first step in weight loss would be cutting back on your food intake. But not so fast. Cutting back too much can be as detrimental to weight loss as eating too much food. You dont want to starve your body.

When you dont eat enough food, your body will begin to take whatever it needs in the way of nutrients from other parts of your body in order to survive. That means taking nutrients from your bones, teeth, and vital organs, leaving your body depleted. Your metabolism will shut down in order to reserve energy and your body will only use enough energy to stay alive. So while you may think that by starving yourself youll drop weight quicker, what youre actually doing is sabotaging your metabolism.

The operative word when thinking of food is healthy. Its not enough to simply eat enough food to keep your metabolism running at optimal performance. You need foods that will give your body energy while allowing it to function with a minimal amount of effort.

It is true that there are no bad foods if you eat them in moderation and balance them with healthy foods. No one wants to feel deprived of having their favorite dessert or a fast food burger every so often. However, if you have that fast food burger every day of the week or eat that piece of triple chocolate cake before you go to bed every evening without giving a thought to how your body will react to it, youve established a bad eating habit.

The trick is to balance the amount of food you eat with whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, along with lean meats. Choosing those foods will give you the most bang for the buck. People who are busy and trying to lose weight very often fall into the habit of skipping meals in order to cut down on their overall calorie intake. They then eat more at a later meal thinking they can catch up. The problem is that you may end up eating your daily requirement of calories by the end of the day, but the balance of when your body receives those calories is lopsided.

For instance, if you start the day out great by having a healthy breakfast of yogurt, eggs and toast but then skip lunch and eat a big dinner, youve thrown your body off balance by making the end of the day to heavy with calories. Most people are more sedentary at the end of the day and like to relax. That means that whatever it is youre eating is sitting in you while you relax rather than being burned off as you go about your day.

Furthermore, when you skip a meal, youre famished by the time you finally do get to eat later in the afternoon or early evening. Youre body is only going to use what it needs at that particular moment and nothing more. By the end of the day, youve already burned most of the calories you are going to burn during the day. Your body ends up storing those excess calories in your body fat and keeps them in reserve for the next time you skip a meal.

This can become a vicious circle if youre trying desperately to cut back calories by skipping meals and your body is desperately trying to hold on to whatever nourishment it can get. Not only will you fail in your quest to lose weight, youll become frustrated because all your efforts arent giving you the results you desire.

The best way to ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to burn fat during the day when youre active and when your body needs it the most is to eat smaller portions more frequently. Instead of eating 3 big meals a day, eat 5 or 6 smaller meals.

Start your day with proteins and any carbohydrates you might want to have during the course of the day. Your body will burn those carbohydrates when youre most active. End the day with proteins and fresh vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale, etc. Avoid having lots of carbohydrates later in the day when youre winding down and not able to burn those carbohydrates off.

Box: Kelvin Daniels is an experienced writer committed to providing educational material on various life topics. Discover the complete step by step time proven secrets you can instantly use to gain optimal health and fitness:

Kelvin Daniels is an experienced writer committed to providing educational material on various life topics. Discover the complete step by step time proven secrets you can instantly use to gain optimal health and fitness:

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