Healthy Eating Habits For Kids

Habits for a Healthy Body, Look’N Good

There’s nothing more important for an individual than his health and fitness. For if you are unhealthy, you cannot meet the needs and demands of your family, relationships, school and career, but what really defines health? Health is not merely the absence of disease or infection-one must attain optimum function in everyday life.

However, the image of being healthy is largely associated with celebrities and health buffs with super-thin bodies and beautiful curves, but that is not always the case. To achieve a healthy body, one should lead a healthy lifestyle which comprises proper diet, adequate hydration and exercise.

One must also maintain an ideal body weight proportional to his age and height. An adequate intake of calories with equal amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fats, as these nutrients contribute not only to one’s physical appearance but also one’s bodily functioning, performance, and everyday energy levels.

First off, a healthy diet is composed of fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, bread, rice and other sources of carbohydrates. It’s also a matter of choice, wheat bread contains a lot of fiber than white bread so it aids in the digestion of what you eat. If you can do away with the preservatives and seasoning, leave it. But you can occasionally add some spice to your food to make it taste better.

Food preparation also is a factor in achieving a healthy diet, since some nutrients are lost when cooked, it is better to have fresh fruits and vegetables when you are snacking. You can always steam or broil your fish instead of soaking it up in oil, and you can also steam your vegetables instead of boiling them-you get that crunchier, fresher taste plus more vitamins are retained!

Water also provides benefits to the body, for it helps in digestion and other bodily functions, so if you’re thirsty, don’t grab bottled juices and sodas, they contain way more sugar than water. Grab a glass of cold water and just drink up!

Finally, a healthy body is not complete without the regular exercise; it improves circulation, stretches your muscles and makes your heart stronger! Take your dog out for a work, go down the stairs instead of taking the elevator, do some household chores. Besides, exercise doesn’t mean you have to enroll in a gym’s exercise program. All you need to do is provide some activity in your sedentary lifestyle.

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