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Healthy New Ways to Top Your Salad

Healthy New Ways to Top Your Salad

In today’s society more and more people have learned the value of healthy eating. There is a lot of truth to the old cliché a happy body is a healthy body and one of the best places to begin is with a healthy salad. This is not only an excellent choice with regards to your health but the right toppings make your salad delicious as well. There are a lot of ingenious ideas for toppings including croutons, hummus, and cranberries. Many of the available toppings will provide you with lean proteins, satiating carbohydrates, healthy fats, and plant-based foods.

The wrong salad dressing can be disastrous and add more calories and fats to your healthy salad than a burger with bacon and cheese. You choice of dressing should add moisture and flavor to your salad. Many dressing contain a lot of chemicals, fats, and calories but there are tasty alternatives. Try sprinkling fresh herbs, robust spices, roasted garlic, or zest from oranges, lemons, or limes on you salad and taste the burst of delectable flavor.

Avocado is a delightful way to top your salad. One serving is approximately a third of the fruit and will add moisture and a creamy texture to your salad. You will also be providing your body with the healthy fats you need. For a truly bold taste substitute just a dollop of tangy guacamole or habanero guacamole for the avocado for a bold and zesty taste.

Roasted garlic and hummus is truly sensation and an excellent topping for your salad. This will give your body healthy carbohydrates nd protein along with satisfying macro nutrients. The flavor combination gives your salad a satisfying taste and provides you with a meal you will enjoy. Then there is the fact that there is never a wrong time to enjoy hummus.

One of the most creative choices for a topping exquisite on your healthy salad is adding pumpkin humus. Also squeeze a little lime, lemon or orange over your salad to bring the flavor to a new level. The combination of ingredients has just the right flavor to satisfy your hunger without adding a lot of unnecessary fats and calories. Adding some freshly ground black pepper will add just the right flair giving you the taste you desire without the guilt.

Croutons are a classic choice for a salad. Using the baked variety instead of the fried eliminates the fats without effecting the taste. Your salad with have the crispness you crave and satisfy your taste for that little bit of crunch. Adding fresh garlic, rosemary, or basil will heighten the flavor even more.

Yogurt is creamy, thick, rich, has an amazing texture, and is absolutely delicious. Although most people have never thought about yogurt as a salad topping it is divine. You can use plain yogurt or go all out and choose you favorite flavor. The vitamins and minerals are extremely healthy but the flavor is so delectable you probably won’t even notice.

Another classic topping is a dressing made from strawberry yogurt, feta, basil, and just a hint of oil and vinegar. This dressing is so easy to prepare and a sensation to your taste buds. This is an incredible way to replace a traditional salad dressing. You can even add just a splash of balsamic or apple cider vinegar, red wine, or olive oil for a decadent taste you will enjoy.

Salsa is always an amazing dressing for your salad and has become extremely popular. The boost of flavor transforms your salad into a special treat and adds just the right amount of moisture. Although you would never know from the taste the average salsa has less than ten calories for each serving so you can enjoy this sensation over and over while delighting in the pop of flavor. When you desire something a little different in your salsa try adding pineapple and a splash of champagne. This will take the flavor to an entirely new level.

Yet another decadent idea is to mix a splash of champagne with pomegranate juice. Then take your baking sheet and layer it with cherry tomatoes, fresh ground black pepper, just a slight misting of olive oil, sea salt, and fresh garlic. Bake the blend until the tomatoes are soft then pour the rich concoction right onto your salad. Your salad will take on the flavor of the thick, rich juices and become a taste sensation.

An excellent topper for salads is a combination of minced olives, parsley, fresh garlic, a light splash of olive oil, lemon, and fresh ground pepper. This is a new dressing with a special zing that will have you moaning when the flavor hits your tongue.

Whatever your individual taste there are salad toppings that have the flavor of an indulgence and the texture you crave. Salads are no longer boring and stagnant but rich and flavorful so experiment and enjoy.


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