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Nature Valley granola bars nutrition facts

Nature Valley granola bars nutrition facts

Nature Valley is packed with natural ingredients that are easily available on, with just a hand click away. Its content ranges from 100% natural whole grain oats, to power-packed wholesome peanuts to honey, to almonds and nut butter to much more! Nature Valley’s food philosophy, which it bases its foundation upon, is simple: what you eat is what you put out. Their products are high quality and energy reliant. The company focuses on providing an excellent combination of taste and quality. Granola bars featuring peanuts and almonds balanced with delicious dark chocolate and honey is one example of their usage of high-quality ingredients.

As consumers, we’re naturally looking for a good deal that satisfies our hunt for good quality and cost-effective grocery items, Nature Valley granola bars nutrition facts come quite in hand in convincing us that we’ve finally found an ideal snack deal. allows us to easily access customer feedback, reviews, and rating regarding the products we order from there. Granola bars are sold by a number of sellers with reviews we can easily use to advantage ourselves in knowing we’re getting fresh, well within expiration date granola items.

Nature Valley is confident that the energy obtained from their bars is dependable. Granola bars have been gaining momentum as a nutritious snack for some time now. We can purchase them at various places including supermarkets, and, they come in several sizes including family pack, value pack and regular pack. Usually, boxes of 6 to 12 bars are suitable for a moderate intake. Granola bars are free of harmful ingredients such as artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, and trans fat. Nature Valley is a proud producer of a variety of granola bars. Its categories include Crunchy bars, Protein bars, Sweet & Salty Bars, Nut Bars, and Fruit & Nut bars with each category featuring many different flavors. Nature Valley is part of the General Mills family of products.

Nature Valley Granola Bars Nutrition Facts

What we find most competitive about nature valley granola bars is that it primarily takes into account the health factor regarding using whole wheat grains. The following nutrition facts are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Our daily values may vary depending on our caloric needs. Below is some nutrition information we find important to share so that it may help people decide whether Nature Valley is the brand for them:

– A single 46 g granola bar of Oats & Honey contains 105 calories in total
– Its total fat content is 5 g with 1 g saturated fat and 0 trans, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat
– It also has 0 cholesterol content
– Its sodium amount is 68 mg and 0 mg potassium
– Its total amount of carbs is 16 g
– It includes 2 g dietary fiber
– Its total amount of sugar is 6 g
– Its total amount of protein is 2 g
– It has 0 percent of vitamin A and vitamin C
– It contains 1% of calcium and 4% of iron

Nature Valley granola bars have a suitable range of calories that make them a good choice for snacks. They are also a healthy addition to our diet. According to nutrition data on nature valley granola bars, Crunchy Granola bars contain the least amount of calories in comparison to Roasted Nut Crunch bars, which contain the highest.

We shouldn’t dismiss the fact that some granola bars have a high content of added sugars, so it’s always important to look at the nutrition facts information. The Chewy Trail Mix, Sweet and Salty bars and Chewy with Yogurt contain the most amount of carbohydrates compared to rest of the granola bars. The addition of extra sugar, fruit, and yogurt is what contributes to the high carb content in these bars.

Nature Valley bars have nominal amounts of protein, and therefore they should not be used as primary sources for this nutrient. The bars are low in sodium and have no cholesterol, this is a unique factor that adds to the positives of nature valley granola bars.

Thankfully, granola bars are made with only a few ingredients and it is easy for us to know what we’re eating., as aforementioned, is an excellent source of information from first-hand customer experience, which helps us learn more about any nutritional benefit/disadvantage regarding these snack bars.

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