For Healthy Eating Facts, You Can’t Beat This!

It all gets pretty confusing, protein, nutrients, good carbs, bad carbs… there are tons of good healthy eating facts out there and it can get very frustrating.

Today, let’s put away the latest calorie counting charts and discuss a tactic that is incredibly easy and is guaranteed to help you lose weight, and eat more healthy. It is truly one of the best healthy eating facts around.

Take a moment to think about this…when was the last time you picked up dinner at a fast food restaurant, or ordered a pizza?

What made you do it? You want to lose weight and you know the extra topping, thick crust pizza is bad for you… so why did you order it?

As with anything else, there’s going to be exceptions, but I would venture to guess that most of you ordered the pizza or stopped off at the fast food place – simply because you didn’t have any idea of what to fix for dinner. And, it was simply easier to stop off and pick up a meal, rather than plan one.

It’s a fact – not one of the healthy eating facts – that for the most part, our unhealthy diets exist simply because of convenience. After a long day of work, we are tired and the last thing we want to do is come up with an idea for a meal. It’s even worse when you have to negotiate the minefield of good carbs, bad carbs and so on. (By the way, tossing a frozen pizza into the oven is just as bad as ordering one.)

Here’s an easy solution to that problem… whenever you can set aside a couple hours – plan your dinner menu for each day in the coming week. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, go for two weeks worth of menus. If you can’t find a couple hours, schedule them. It’s worth it.

Write out each meal plan on a separate sheet of paper. Then place them all in a three ring binder. If you really want to get fancy, you could separate the days with pretty multicolored tabs. Somewhere down the line, you will probably want to laminate the pages too.

Now, here’s the important part. Each evening when you get home, open your binder to that day’s menu and make it. We want to make this a habit, so never deviate under any circumstances.

All those costly, and unhealthy impulse buys from the local drive through will be totally eliminated. Plus, you no longer have to worry about what to fix for dinner.

This idea may seem too easy, but it works and will save a bundle of cash.

If you could hire a chef to do nothing but plan and prepare your meals, and if you gave them the task of only fixing healthy low-calorie meals, you would expect them to preplan the menus. Not wait until the last minute to fix whatever came to mind. Think of yourself in the same way, plan your meals and don’t change your plans throughout the week.

The funny thing is, although it may seem as a chore now, eventually it will become a habit and you will truly love your little binder.

Think of it, if you plan all of your meals to be nutritious, low-calorie and healthy ones, eventually your health must improve. It has to, it’s a scientific fact.

At the end of your first week, sit down and do it again. Make up a new meal plan for the next week. Try to make them all different recipes than the ones you had before. By the end of the first month, you will have a months worth of different recipes you can call on.

Every meal, for four weeks, will be different. This way you will never get tired of eating the same meals over and over again. They will all be tasty, nutritious and low calorie. Once you’ve gotten this far, you can stop your weekly planning and just continuously rotate the recipes in your binder.

This will save you a bundle at the grocery store, and is one of the best healthy eating facts out there.

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Healthy Eating Tips: Some Advice On Eating Healthy

If you wish to have a sexier body, or want to have a healthier life, you’ll have to implement a healthy diet plan. Of course, this is not easy to do. True, there are a lot of good diet tips out there as well as advice on eating healthy, but, you’ll realize that following them is not as easy as a breeze. There are several healthy eating tips, however, that can give you faster and more significant results without compromising your health or your safety. Here are several of them:

1.Do not do away with eating foods that have a good amount of protein.

Some diets will require you to avoid eating protein-rich foods, or tell you to eat only very little amounts of foods that have protein. A healthy diet plan, however, is one that always includes foods with protein because protein is a nutrient that actually helps speed up metabolism, and also enables quicker recovery especially after working out. Eating a protein-rich meal or food at least once a day is also part of good diet tips as it makes you feel fuller, therefore helping you avoid stuffing your face with more food.

2.Snack on foods that are healthy.

It is normal to feel hungry in between meals, and included in effective healthy eating tips is to eat a snack as this will help you avoid over eating when mealtime comes. One advice on eating healthy, though, is to choose healthy snacks e.g. cereals, veggie salads, a fruit cup, and so on, and avoid unhealthy kinds like french fries, hotdogs, and other deep fried or processed foods. It is best that you plan your snacks ahead and incorporate them in your healthy diet plan, shop for those healthy snacks/foods, so you won’t be tempted to buy unhealthy snacks.

3.Increase the amount of water you drink per day.

Included in the list of good diet tips is to drink a lot of water, to be specific, from 7 up to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis. You see, water does not only work to flush out any toxins in the human body – it can also act as an appetite suppressant which can eliminate the hunger pangs or cravings that cause people to go into binge eating. Regularly drinking a lot of H20, therefore, is part of healthy eating tips that should not be disregarded.

4.Avoid calorie rich drinks/beverages.

Another advice on eating healthy is for you to decrease the amount of sugary and calorie-rich beverages that you consume. Blended coffee drinks, soda pops, smoothies, and so on, are just some of the many unhealthy drinks that can really get in the way of a healthy diet plan. If you really wish to have a better body, or become a healthier individual, you should minimize the number of times you drink these beverages, or reduce the amount of these drinks that you intake, as that is one of the good diet tips that will help you experience significant results from your dieting.

There are really a lot of healthy eating tips that you should implement if being healthy and sexy is your main concern. Other advice on eating healthy that you should be aware of too include: drinking water, herb based teas, etc, instead of sugar rich drinks; using EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or an oil that has monounsaturated fats instead of cooking oils that have trans fat; and many more.

Karen Winton is an expert on healthy dieting. Want to learn all about the raw food diet? See: Healthy Eating Tips. Find out how to lose weight by consuming the right foods through: Your Plate, Your Fate.

Health Care Tips

You probably already know that you’re supposed to finish all of your medication when prescribed and get plenty of exercise in order to stay healthy, but did you know that many of the best kept secrets in the medical community have nothing to do with medicine?

In recent years alternative health care (health care that doesn’t involve pumping your body full of chemicals that were never supposed to be there) has become increasingly popular as its benefits have begun to be recognized among the medical community, but there are still plenty of things your doctor isn’t telling you.

A healthy immune system helps prevent illness and also aids with recovery. Having a healthy immune system can be the difference between a quality healthy life and a life of illness and disease.

The best way to keep your immunesystem healthy is to give your body what it needs. Your body needs natural foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Its important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables in their natural forms whenever possible. Having a peach off the tree will have more nutrition than a peach from a can.

Unsaturated fats are also very healthy for your body. Contrary to what most people think these fats are actually essential for your body. That is why these fats are called essentisole purpose in life is to care for the sick.

Hospice has different stages of care. Patients progress through these stages at different speeds. Most Hospice centers use a color coded system for identifying teams. Others use numbers, like 1-4, to depict the level of care needed. In the beginning, lower stages require minimal care and visits. They set you up with your equipment and give you the information you will need. As you progress through the program you get more in depth care. Visits increase and so do phone calls. They take it upon themselves to keep a constant line of communication with you. Toward the end your home health provider may transfer some of their low level cases to another caregiver.

After your loved one passes, Hospice doesn’t just disappear. You will get a new round of counselors to deal with the grief process. Normally they’ve helped your loved one get their affairs in order beforehand. Another advantage of Hospice is that the people you meet really care about your loved one and their sole purpose in life is to care for the sick.

Discomfort is not something we feel with joy – far from it. So how can we turn this around towards comfort? Unfortunately discomfort is a part of life whether its in the form of physical or emotional pain. We all deal with pain differently. The way to get around discomfort, is to challenge yourself as to how to get out of it. It may be taking part in some type of activity, changing your

Be open and none judgemental in new relationships. Perhaps in the past your views were shrouded by office politics. Keep a healthy and positive attitude towards others and no-one is pushing you to befriend everyone – its your choice. However, offering a helping hand to someone in need gives us a different perspective towards others.

Read About

Eating Healthy For Vegetarians

A vegetarian is someone who avoids all types of meat,
whether it be hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, or even fish.
Vegetarians are also sometimes classified by the type of
food they are or aren’t willing to eat. For example,
Lacto-ovo vegetarians will avoid animal flesh yet they
will eat eggs and most dairy products. A Vegan on the
other hand, will avoid all food that has any trace of
animal origin.

Because they don’t eat meet, vegetarians will often
wonder how they’ll get enough protein. Although you may
not realize it, the average American actually consumes
more protein than he actually needs. For the lacto-ovo
vegetarian, dairy products are an excellent source of
protein. Vegans on the other hand, get their protein
from nuts, seeds, and soy products.

Along the lines of beans, there are several to choose
from, including green or red lentils, peanuts, split
peas, pinto, soy, kidney, and many more. Some of them
you are already familiar, such as kidney beans in
chili, refried beans in Mexican dishes, red beans and
rice, and pinto beans. Although some beans taste good
as they are, others are available with different flavors
to help enhance their taste. Nuts are hihg in protein,
although they deliver a lot more fat than beans, which
means you should enjoy them in moderation. By having
one cup of cooked beans, you’ll get the same amount of
protein as eating two ounces of meat!

The nutrients of concern for vegans, who avoid all types
of animal food, are vitamin B12, calcium, and vitamin D.
In the average North American diet, the primary source
for B12 is animals. To have an adequate intake of B12,
vegans should reguarly consume vitamin B12 supplements or
foods, which contain vitamin B12, such as soy products
or milk.

For calcium, vegans can rely on orange juice or soy
milk, as they are fortified with calcium. Beans and
leafy green vegetables will also contain some calcium as

Although all types of vegetarians rely on simple food
groups, controlling your vitamins and calcium intake is
something you should always do. This is very important
for eating healthy, as well as staying healthy. If you
control what you eat, you’ll have many years of healthy
eating ahead of you.

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Natural Cellulite Removal Tips

Women want their body to be perfectly flawless. They purchase various beauty products and different health treatments just to keep their body young and fresh all the time. Even those who are already in their mid 50s still aim to maintain a decent body for everyone to see. For them having a smooth and silky body defies their actual age. However, aging brings many imperfections and changes to a woman’s body. One of the most daunting effects of aging among women is the formation of cellulite. How are cellulite formed? How are cellulite prevented? Let us count the ways.

Experts blame the formation of cellulite to hormonal changes. It is a fact that women experience more hormonal changes than men do. While they are pregnant, during menstrual cycle, during fertility-women experience the ups and downs of hormonal changes, which causes unwanted effects in their body. Estrogen is believed to cause the accumulation of fats beneath the skin. Moreover, insulin, adrenaline and thyroid hormones are also believed to worsen cellulite formation.

Genetics also plays a big role in the development of cellulite in the abdomen and lower limbs of women past their puberty. If your grandmother or even your mother has a cellulite, there is also a chance for you to have cellulite as well.

Moreover, race, gender and body type can also heighten or lessen the probability of the development of those ugly cellulite. Even diet can cause the formation of cellulite. Too much fatty foods and having an unhealthy diet can cause your skin to stockpile those unburned fats and turn it into ugly cellulite.
If you want to get rid of cellulite, you can follow these simple tips. First, rush to the market, buy those leafy green vegetables and fruits, and immediately pack it in your diet list. Going into a detoxification can help you remove those unwanted fat accumulations. This method is said to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of cellulite. Moreover, throw those alcohols and cigarettes away as they are one of the major contributors of cellulite formation. Keep yourself away from stress, or at the very least, try to unwind once in a while. Stress is a major cause of the development of cellulite among women. And lastly, shun those sodas, junk foods, and other meals packed with saturated fat as well as those unwanted animals fats.

Cellulite is indeed a nightmare to any woman’s body. Whether you hide it or not, it will show at one way or another. Prevention is better than cure they say, so it is important for women to keep a healthy and sound body to avoid accumulating unwanted fats in the form of cellulite. There are many ways to avoid that ugly cellulite, but the best and most important thing is to have a healthy diet and to exercise regularly. Nothing beats a well-tuned body. It can face any problem and can even remove blemishes that may seem to be impossible to avoid.

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Eating Healthy is Easy

Eating healthy can be easy and simple to implement. Once you start making choices that are healthy and incorporate the habit into your life, it becomes second nature and you won’t have to think about it much again. Make sure you always have healthy food choices available and the rest is a piece of cake.

When thinking about a meal or a snack, it needs to incorporate a proper balance between a protein, carbohydrate and fat.

Have you determined for yourself your daily caloric consumption needs? I know that for myself if I’m trying to lose wight, I cannot consume more than 1200 calories per day. On the other hand, if I’m trying to maintain my current weight, I’m allow to consumer 1500 calories per day.

Once you find out how many calories you should be eating, you then need to space them over 5-6 small daily meals/snacks through the day. The meals and or snacks should compliment each other with the proper balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein. I will give you an example of these choices to make during the day.

I should quickly mention something about portion sizes. Do you know what a serving of protein looks like? No, it’s not the 16 ounce Prime Rib at your local steak house. A portion of protein is 3 ounces, the size of a woman’s palm.


* 1 medium fruit — tight fist or tennis ball

* 1/2 cup of pasta, rice, fruit, veggie, or cooked cereal — tight fist or cupcake size

* 1 cup of salad — the amount you can hold in two hands cupped together.

* 1 medium baked potato — computer mouse

* 1 cup of cold cereal — large handful or tight fist

* 3 ounces of poultry, meat or fish — palm of a woman’s hand or deck of cards

* 1 ounce of cheese — top half of your thumb or 4 dice

* 1 ounce of poultry, fish, chicken or meat — 1 egg

* 1 tsp — the tip of a medium-framed woman’s thumb. Also, 3 tsp is equal to 1 tbsp.


It is important to start the day with a good breakfast. A good breakfast is needed to maintain level blood sugars throughout the morning. Try to keep breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same calorie count and then add two to three snacks between meals to make up the 5-6 recommended meals.

Choose an item from each of the food groups for a healthy balanced breakfast.

Protein: 1 cup nonfat milk, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 oz of low fat cheese, 1 cup low fat yogurt

Carbohydrate: granola bar, 1 slice of whole grain toast, bagel or muffin, 1/2 cup of whole grain cereal or oatmeal.

Fruit: 1/2 banana, small apple, orange, grapefruit, 3/4 cup of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries


Preparing lunch and dinner is very simple. Pick a lean protein, add some vegetables and top it off with some fruit for dessert.

Choose an item from each of the food groups for a healthy balanced lunch or dinner.

Protein: Turkey, lean beef, pork, chicken, fish, beans, etc.

Vegetable: Spinach, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, and salad greens, etc. For a serving size, fill about 1/2 of your plate with vegetables, 1/4 of your plate with protein and the other quarter with healthy carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate: 1 slice of whole grain bread, brown rice, corn, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, etc.

Dessert: 1/2 cup of strawberries or raspberries with a dollop of nonfat whipped topping, pear, apple, 1/2 banana.


Snacks between meals are what make or break the weight loss. You need to maintain your metabolism in between meals so that you continue to burn calories throughout the day. For your snack, consume between 100 to 125 calories.

Choose an item from each of the food groups for a healthy balanced snack.

Protein: 1 oz. low sodium, low fat luncheon meat, low fat string cheese, hard boiled egg, small yogurt cup, 1/4 cup of low fat cottage cheese.

Carbohydrate: 1/2 banana, apple, grapes, plum, baby carrots, 1 slice of whole grain bread, etc.

Healthy fats: 2 tbsp of peanut butter, handful of almonds, walnuts cashews or mixed nuts, 1 slice of avocado.

This doesn’t have to hard. These are just guidelines for healthy foods. Don’t make this boring by eating the same thing every day. There are so many more foods then what I listed here but be creative. Try a new fruit and vegetable every week. Remember, this is easy!

Marilou Lissandrello is fervent about cooking healthy recipes in order to maintain her and her husbands recent weight loss and to live a improved way of life together. Her very sensible guide on how to cook healthy recipes for dinner is available free from her blog, Eat Right Tonight.

My 4 Healthy Eating Tips For Fat Loss

There are many diets out there claiming that you have to eat a certain way to lose weight. This is totally bogus in my book because they are just trying to sell you their information in the long run and creating a brand for themselves. Based on science and real world results there are only 5 things you truly need to do to lose weight at a good rate and build muscle at the same time so you achieve that lean look.

Tip 1: No carbs at night. As the day goes on the body does not do so good when you consume carbs. It essentially becomes more insulin resistant. This is when it is prone to storing whatever carbohydrates you ingest into body fat. Your best bet is to consume all of your carbohydrates during the morning hours and before you workout so you are feeling full and energized.

Tip 2: Eat more vegetables. This sounds really simple, but most people totally ignore this fact. By consuming more fresh veggies, especially the green leafy kind, you are keeping your hunger levels at bay and proving yourself with tons of healthy fiber. Fiber has been shown numerous times to help people lose weight, reduce cravings, and help keep them full.

Tip 3: Consume more protein. Protein is also very satisfying and increases your metabolism. Protein is 30% more thermogenic than carbs or fats. What this means is your body has to work harder to break the protein down and this requires calories to be burned. It’s called the thermic effect of food. It also helps to rebuild that muscle that you torn down while working out.

Tip 4: Start taking fish oil OR eat more fish. By consuming fish oil you are helping to fight the fight against inflammation throughout the body. There are many diseases that can be avoided that are inflammatory in nature such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Fish oil has been shown to reduce the chances of contracting these diseases drastically. It has also been found to lower trigylcerides, improve cognitive function, and increase healthy circulation.

By following these four simple tips, you too can start your way towards a lean body that you’ve always wanted. It’s not rocket science, you just need to have a clear cut plan to get there and to follow that plan to the very end.

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Fall Health Tips

As the weather begins to change, everyone should be taking the necessary steps to staying well and healthy – no one enjoys walking around sick! If you live in a home with a big family or in a dorm with numerous residents, it is easy to become ill from others. Do what you can to stop the spread of germs. This fall season, please be sure to follow these tips to help you and the people that you come in contact with stay in top health. Get your flu shots! You can check with your doctor or local public health department to find out when flu shots are available. Local pharmacies, such as Walgreens and CVS, also offer flu shots. These types of shots are recommended for all adults, especially those with a health condition (i.e. diabetes, heart disease). Diet Adding vegetables to your meals can be very beneficial. Vegetables are in season and are normally inexpensive. It is a nutritious way to add variety to your diet. Water Be sure to drink plenty of water because you can experience dehydration even during the cold months. Exercise Colder temperatures may prevent you from walking or jogging outdoors. Try joining a gym or walking around your local mall for exercise. Tip: warm up your body and stretch your muscles before you exercise. Cold and Flu If you do become sick, cover your mouth every time you sneeze or cough. Cough or sneeze in the fold of your elbow to avoid putting germs on your hands. Wash your hands frequently. Wear a hat and gloves when you go outside. A hat prevents warmth from escaping through the top of your head. About Charlotte House and Commercial Cleaning Services With a strong reputation for diligence, Bucket ‘n’ Broom Charlotte House and Commercial Cleaning Services provides the utmost quality of professional maid service cleaning and customer service. Serving the home and office needs of Charlotte, NC, Bucket ‘n’ Broom provides more than the ability to just clean. Services include general cleaning, deep cleaning, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, special occasion cleaning, and post construction cleaning. Visit us online at

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With a strong reputation for diligence, Bucket ‘n’ Broom Charlotte House and Commercial Cleaning Services provides the utmost quality of professional maid service cleaning and customer service. Serving the home and office needs of Charlotte, NC, Bucket ‘n’ Broom provides more than the ability to just clean. Services include general cleaning, deep cleaning, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, special occasion cleaning, and post construction cleaning.

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Eating in a Healthy Way

Are you seriously concerned about the possible harm that may come to you and your family with the kind of food that you are serving on the table?

Amidst the controversy and concern about genetically-modified foods, we are now seeing the emergence of a new philosophy about healthy eating known as organic food. This food scare that has crept into our homes has led us to avoid chemically-laden foods, beefs, and other foods that are known to have negative effects on our health and our children’s mental development.

The main organic food sources include animal foods and plants that were not exposed to excessive amounts of chemicals. There is a strict adherence to the banning of genetically modified foods in this type of farming setup. This is one of the more contentious issues plaguing commercial farms as there is now a growing backlash on such commercial farming practice. Animals are raised on these farms. They are provided a living space that mimics their natural habitat. They are fed food without any traces of chemicals and drugs.

Many people believe that these foods are always ahead when it comes to taste. Many people are choosing organics at the grocery store as an alternative to regular, commercially grown foods. Studies show that food in its purest form can alleviate many causes of food allergies and reactions.

As we are appreciating the direct benefits that we get when you include these foods in our diet, we are also contributing to the protection of our environment. It is also an accepted fact, that workers in organic farms are a lot safer as they are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Our main concern about commercial foods is our continued ingestion of harmful chemicals and pesticides that remain in the foods that we buy from a commercial grocer. One particular concern is antibiotics. These antibiotics generally find their way to the food chain and are taken in by humans when they eat the animals that have been raised on commercial farms. Several researchers have already confirmed the increased health risks that result from the ingestion of animals that have been raised on antibiotics. Some of these antibiotics and chemicals have carcinogenic effects and may even lead to the mental retardation of our children.

The beneficial effects to humans, animals and our environment are enough reasons for us to take a strong stand to support these products. With the increased demand and preference for organically produced plants and animals, more people will be encouraged to go into this type of farming to meet the growing demand. This will ensure that there will be an ample supply of healthy and safe food product which we can serve to our families.

Chuck R. Stewart bought some organic food online for a child who has a reaction to many pesticides used on food. He researched some organic food sources in an effort to start eating more healthy.

Home remedies and Yoga can be a source of natural health tips


Health is invaluable and there are certain things that money can’t buy at all. Health comes without price tag. Changing lifestyle has changed our living and eating habits. Consequently, it has augmented the health related issues and problems among human beings. Medicines might not be suitable for everyone and it might cause side-effects. But natural remedies and yoga are bound to compromise a good source of health tips. In the coming sections, we would discuss how home remedies and yoga can be beneficial in providing you necessary health tips.

As a matter of fact, there is an increasing excitement among the researchers and scientists too regarding the evolution of home remedies and yoga in curing a number of health related issues. It is estimated that there is a strong influence of ‘sense of smell’ over physiological and psychological health. Certain vegetables and herbs can be best for the body and its good health.

A number of studies, though in their initial stages, have also unveiled that natural and home remedies can provide health tips for a number of issues. For instance, it is revealed that fragrances of vanilla, peppermint and coffee have the capacity to cure certain health related issues and have therapeutic effects. Another study also reveals that inhalation of certain chemicals such as those found in linalool, flowers and spices helps in reducing stress, especially in rats. Certain other such home remedies helps in making people calmer.

Yoga has been providing health tips since years and it was developed in Hindu culture. But now, its benefits are evident all over the world. Yoga possesses health tips for depression and is powerful in curing a number of health related problems. There are many exercises that help in curing breath-related, throat, nose, anxiety and other such health related problems.

Bikram Yoga which is started by Bikram Choudhury can help in providing health tips for asthma, arthritis and other such issues. Yoga can infact, help in creating a balance in the flow of energy of life, it can provide peace to mind and soul as well. It is the most holistic approach for the mental, physical and spiritual good health of human beings. It can provide health tips and can be very useful for relaxation, stress relief, clarity, concentration, memory, and stamina, zeal for life, motivation, will power, self confidence, awareness, creative insight and inner peace as well as happiness.

Treatments, therapies and medicines might cause side-effects to your health but natural, home made remedies and yoga are a source of a number of health tips. These are a few natural treatments that can prove beneficial in your health menaces and nuisances. If you donot wish to go for medicines, then donot worry because nature has in store a number of tips for your health. Health and wellness are one of the most important aspects of your life and you can find solutions to a number of issues within your home. So adopt the home made remedies and yoga and stay healthy always!




Health is usually a prime concern and people must be careful about their wellness. It is not mandatory that medicines provide you utmost satisfaction. Sometimes home remedies and Bikram yoga can have in store a number of health tips that can prove beneficial.