Eating Healthy on a Budget – Effortlessly Stretching Your Food Dollars

There are many ways of eating healthy on a budget. Being creative can help you save significant amounts of money while eating healthy foods.

Eating healthy on a budget is possible even when you are seeking the best foods to eat to lose weight naturally. The trick is to know which foods to choose then look for bargains that will allow you to stay within your budget.

Save Money On Chicken

There are excellent articles available on the Internet on how to process a whole chicken into more usable parts to help you save money.

The costlier pieces of chicken such as boneless skinless chicken breasts are more expensive because of the additional time a butcher must invest to cut them.

Save the butcher’s time and you save money. It’s a simple concept.

The savings to be had by cutting your whole bird into smaller portions such as breasts, thighs, and drumsticks will save you money for each bird you process yourself. Multiply your savings by buying a few birds when on sale. Each bird bought on sale that you process yourself will magnify your savings.

Such simple tactics will help you eat healthy on a budget.

Turn Waste Into Delicious Foods

Even the “waste” products such as skin and bones that remain after you have removed the choice cuts of meat can be boiled down to make a rich broth.

You can use the broth for chicken soup or to flavor other dishes. You will be surprised how tasty beef recipes can be when combined with chicken broth.

The nutrients found in rich, thick chicken broth is not found in other foods Americans typically consume. The broth can be frozen in an ice cube tray so small quantities are readily available for flavoring rice or pasta.

These chicken flavored side dishes go well with other chicken entrees such as boneless skinless chicken breast recipes, oven baked chicken breast, or a baked chicken drumstick recipe.

They go exceptionally well with oven baked whole chicken. This elegant meal will not break your budget yet is perfectly fine to serve guests.

Such monetary savings and tasty meals will assure you are eating healthy on a budget.

Raw Health Food

Raw foods such as uncooked vegetables and fresh fruit are plentiful and inexpensive at certain times of the year. That is the time to stock up on them to assure you can continue eating healthy on a budget.

Many of the available vegetables such as potatoes, squash, turnips, rutabagas, etc. will store in a cool, dry place such as a root cellar for many months. With this manner of storage many of the raw food enzymes, vitamins, and minerals will be preserved.

Canning or freezing vegetables results in many of these nutrients being lost. This is particularly true of the raw food enzymes, which are easily destroyed when heat is applied. Yes, this is true even when freezing vegetables.

Before placing your vegetables in the freezer you must “blanch” them. Blanching vegetables means immersing them in boiling water for the express purpose of killing the enzymes. If blanching is not performed the enzymes will begin digesting the vegetables while in the freezer.

Allowing enzymes to remain in the vegetables when frozen for extended periods of time results in unpalatable foods.

The delicate raw food enzymes are only available from raw vegetables and fresh fruit. That is one of the quandaries of raw food eating plans that must be overcome for folks living in areas with short growing seasons.

Eating healthy on a budget can be accomplished with a modicum of effort. However, it has the same hurdles to overcome as any healthy diet plan when quality food availability is taken into consideration.

Dale Heil, D.C.

Quick And Easy To Make Healthy Mexican Food Recipes

If you speak to any majority of American citizens on when the previously they ate Mexican foods, normally it is within the last week. Mexican foods have become very popular inside the United States. The issue is that the Mexican foods in the USA are not the identical to they are in Mexico. Americans have additional super fat and super sized the foods. In the event you go down to Mexico, you might not even locate the same dishes because the dishes had been made in the United States. Authentic Mexican meals are rich in fresh greens, protein, and satisfying vitamins and spices.

Taco Bell comes to mind as a fashionable foodstuff chain that serves Mexican food items. You will find tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. Men and women in Mexico commonly do not consume huge platters of tortilla chips in their everyday foods. As a consequence of the foods sold from the United States, it is not very wholesome. The Mexican ingredients in the United States are certainly not as rich in nutrients. It comprises large amounts of fat, sodium, and calories. It is in addition does not include as many fresh greens.

Most traditional conventional Mexican dishes have less fat and calories. This does not mean you cannot take pleasure in the meals served in American restaurants. You can contribute additional healthy foods towards the dish. Tomatoes are substantial in vitamins and have lycopene which has cancer-fighting properties. Tomatoes can be put into numerous Mexican dishes. Beans carry great protein and fiber. As opposed to eating the beans refried, attempt getting them whole. It cuts back about the body fat. Corn is another vegetable that may be balanced in Mexican food. It really is higher in minerals and incorporates fiber. Adding these to your Mexican dishes will make them healthier than what that you are served at Taco Bell.

You may well be thinking about if men and women in Mexico eat healthily food. In the United States we have the option to go to health food shops where we can uncover organic foods and ingredients not as fattening. The only drawback is that not everyone can afford to buy these meals whenever they grocery shop. In Mexico, more healthy choices are readily available. Annually the health grocery store in Mexico makes over $ 500 Million. The customers make up 5 percent of Mexico’s population. Their age range is from 20 to 50 years of age. They usually live in metropolitan areas and can afford to buy these types of healthier ingredients. If they can’t afford it, they however aren’t acquiring all the fats and calories that we come across in American ingredients, especially fast-foods. Authentic Mexican food nevertheless carry many veggies and elements that are beneficial to your system, and also how the meals are cooked is healthier.

You are in all likelihood wondering once again, is Mexican food wholesome for me. Authentic Mexican dishes are, because they carry many vitamins and minerals and are generally have a low fat content. America has fattened up the Mexican dishes creating them not an excellent decision. If you would like to go out to take in, try keeping away from the major Mexican foodstuff chain restaurants. Find a restaurant that serves authentic dishes. It’s more healthy and will taste even far better knowing you’re giving your system great foods.

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Healthy Dog Food Diet

Choosing a healthy for your dog might be confusing and difficult.  Pretty packaging and marketing may keep us from picking the best  product.  Keeping your dog healthy and happy will depend on you and what diet dog food you choose. Essential nutrients will  allow your pet to thrive rather than merely survive.

There are some simple guidelines to follow when you select food for your dog’s diet.  Know that every dog is different. Your dog is unique in itself and you will need to find out just what is best for your dog.

Talking to your veterinarian will be the  first step. Just like you your Vet has your dogs interest at heart. Let your vet’s recommendations  steer you in the right direction. Reputable dog food manufacturers take the time to research the topic of animal nutrition.  Allow your pet to benefit from the company’s wealth of information rather than going it alone.  

Select a dog food that is age appropriate. If you have a senior dog consider a dog diet that is specially formulated for older dogs.  Now puppies have needs all together different from  adult dogs.  Find a variety of food that meets your dog’s needs.

Sometimes the  breed and size of your pet can make a difference in the type of diet food you should feed your him. Dog diets are  formulated specifically for small dogs and large breeds.Please keep this in mind when selecting your dog’s diet.

The activity level and weight of your dog are  factors to consider when making the decision of what to feed your dog.  If your dog is extremely active or overweight, you may need to pick a type of dog diet that accommodates him.

Pay close attention to portion size.  Obesity is starting to be a serious problem in pets.  It can lead to joint troubles and take years off your pet’s life. Please no table scraps, they are definitely out for a healthy diet.  Your dog’s diet should consist of a high-quality food specially designed to meet your pet’s dietary needs.  Just think every time your dog begs for table scraps or you want him to just have a bite, that obesity is likely to follow.

Only supplement your dog’s diet when recommended by a veterinarian.  Giving your pet too many supplements in the dog’s diet can lead to a lower quality of health.

Always consult your vet for advice on what to feed your dog.  Your dog’s diet will fuel his health, so choose your dog’s diet wisely.  Select a brand of food that is reputable and suited to your dog.

Good health will be promoted by  finding the right diet for your dog.

Tasty Food To Put On Your Low Carb Diet Food List

You will find a lot of tasty and healthful food items that you can take in in the event you are on minimal carb diet and also you can put these meals on your minimal carbohydrate buying list. This is a great method to take pleasure in your diet plan and make it simpler for you. By eliminating carbohydrates out of your diet and adhering to a firm physical exercise routine, you might be going to get rid of fat and set on a lot more muscle in only just a handful of months time, remembering that the total results won’t be visible for any minimum of six weeks.

Beans are not only delicious, they are among the most versatile and tasty foods to add to the low carb diet food list. Beans offer much protein and are vital to include in all diets to make sure you get all the nutrients the body needs.

Eggs and dairy products are a food group that should be an important part of a low carb diet food list. Eggs and dairy products can provide lots of protein and can also allow more diversity and give you more choices when you are dieting since there are a vast amount of items that make up this food group such as eggs, milk, yogurt and all kinds of cheeses.

You will want to include meat on your low carb diet food list, but, you want to purchase the healthiest kinds possible. Eating lean hamburger patties and beef are acceptable methods to get your necessary protein. Chicken is low in carbohydrates and energy. Chicken is often an excellent selection as it is also lower in cholesterol than red meats.

When you make out your low carb diet food list, don’t skimp on the fruits and vegetables. They make great snacks to help you get through the day or can served as side dishes or accompaniments to your regular meals.

Regardless of whenever you pick to utilize them, you need to usually maintain a store of refreshing fruits and veggies readily available.

When you have a strong desire or an appetite for something to eat that will hold you until dinner time, you can nibble on fresh fruit and raw vegetables. A purpose why several individuals end up abandoning their diets is because they snack on junk foods. They possess a sturdy cravings for certain foods and usually eat cookies, desserts and different quick and higher calorie carbohydrate laden meals that usually are not good for them.

Take a moment and write a really healthy low carb diet food checklist which includes foods that aren’t only high protein and low carb, but that you enjoy eating. Make sure to take to the food store and to keep it with you so that you have a helpful guide to use whenever you shop for food.

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Eating Healthy Food In Koh Samui

One of the most popular islands in Thailand is located in the south of the country – Koh Samui is a great place for people from all walks of life and age ranges. Holidaymakers flock here daily for its gorgeous fine-sand beaches, warm weather, natural scenery and first-class accommodation and facilities on offer. Not to mention the food and nightlife that will give you a holiday to remember whether you are visiting with family or friends. If you’re looking for peace and tranquility or an island adventure then this tropical destination has it all.

Koh Samui is far away from the noisy streets of Bangkok and the rest of the mainland. If you are travelling from overseas then there are connections from Bangkok to the local airport on the island, flights also arrive here from Phuket, Krabi, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

A laid-back attitude makes Koh Samui a place you can relax and really leave behind the stresses of your regular daily life. Quite a fashionable location you can find some interesting cafes, galleries and art and craft shops here, stop for a Thai coffee or pick yourself up a unique or traditional piece of locally made furniture or artwork.

Vegetarian and raw cuisine, organic and vegan restaurants can easily be found if you are a healthy eater, the food is delicious and you get to eat in a beautiful setting too! Check out Samui Wellness Spa whose speciality is 100% raw food cuisine which means only fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are used in the cooking process which entails none of the ingredients heated above 42 C. All the food is vegan and you can eat in the restaurant or outside on the deck.

Another interesting place to look out for is About Art and Craft, a little caf in Na Thon just opposite the port serving a great selection of food for anyone, they provide for Lacto, Ovo, Vegan-friendly, Thai, International, Juice bar, and also non-veggies. Try a healthy salad, delicious curries or stir-fry, or fresh fish, the multi-grain dark bread and muffins is also very good.

Spa Samui Resorts has some of the tastiest, imaginative vegetarian cuisine on the island which compliments the Spas’ well-known fasting and rejuvenation programmes. The menu has a lip smacking selection that is healthy and appetizing and the place is famous for its signature salads and yummy soups. Long Island Resort features Talay Tai in Lamai which focuses on healthy organic fare in a selection of sandwiches, pasta and salads including wild rice, tofu, hummus, pita bread and more.

Wherever you decide to stay it will have its own restaurant and selection of delights to try. Accommodation providers pride themselves on being able to offer guests the ultimate in privacy, comfort and space surrounded by a stylish and chic decor. Many of the resorts, hotels, beach villas, and bungalows on the tropical island face out onto the stunning beaches and are surrounded by luxuriant tropical gardens. Depending on your budget you can book anything from a 3 to 5 star and get a great place to retreat to with lots of space and a peaceful environment, along with all the necessary facilities and first-class services you would ever need.

Beach resorts and Samui hotels typically provide large beachfront or private pools, massage and spa facilities, restaurants and bars, gym and sports amenities and some have the ability to arrange your wedding for you. Take a look online for the lowest rates and best deals, most places have their own unique style and are never too far from the sparkling emerald sea.

Simon Coleman writes articles for Samui Guide, the definitive online guide to Koh samui. Koh samui is one of the premier beach holiday destinations in the world, and there are so many samui hotels to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Healthy Food For Kids

Eating dinner out with youngsters is often a irritating experience for just about any father or mother. Just about all will take the simplest way out and opt for the kid friendly fastfood places that feature the processed foods little ones like.

Sad to say, the majority of those foods tend to be fattening choices that will hold little nutritional value for their developing bodies. Children can be quite a handful at dining establishments and they can be picky eaters also, however you can make the meals they eat healthier and more nutritious.

If you must go to a fast food restaurant, try to keep away from the kids meals unless of course they offer nutritious substitutes such as fresh fruit instead of french fries. They typically consist of fattening foods such as chicken nuggets as well as fries.

If they would like the double cheeseburger, downsize it to a junior burger and dont allow them to include all of the mayonnaise and fried bacon so that you are able to get rid of some unneeded fat while keeping their diet more in the nutritious range.

Carry the meal to a recreation area (or to your house) to avoid having them be enticed by observing what other kids are consuming. Sometimes parents give in to their kid’s demands and order unhealthy french fries simply to prevent the stressful tantrums they might throw in the restaurant.

Many restaurants where you sit down to eat have got nutritious menu selections. If your kid is rambunctious, go to one where the young children can color on the menu. Or play games with them before the food arrives, like, I see something that begins with the letter A – and let them have fun attempting to guess what it is.

It will help encourage them to consume healthier alternatives for the meals they eat because they do not develop a reliance on drive-through food. Try and make compromises on their food selections.

Determine if theyll go for make with jam instead of the fattening pastry snacks they usually like to have. A little extra sugars-free quickly pull on whole grain make is still much better than a sugar-laden donut.

Children can eat nutritious if you try many unique ways to swing their choices from your non-nutritionary items theyve developed accustomed to buying. Be persistent although flexible as your youngster navigates a new way associated with eating healthy.

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Savory Dinner Raw Food Recipes

Let me guess.  You’re new to a low fat raw vegan diet and while you love being able to eat pounds and pounds of fruit everyday, you’re having trouble satisfying your savory tooth at the end of the day.

Well, here are all of my favorite savory raw recipes. And don’t worry, they are all low fat, salt, spice, and condiment free.

Hope you enjoy…

Ridiculously Delicious Raw Pasta


2 medium-sized tomatoes
1 Ataulfo (yellow) mango*
Handful of fresh cilantro
2 zucchini or yellow squash, spiralized

*Ataulfo mangoes are much creamier than the more common Kent or Tommy-Atkins varieties (and much tastier, in my opinion).


Cut the tomatoes into quarters and place into a blender.  Peel and chop the mango into large pieces, close to the size of the tomato quarters.  Place the mango pieces in the blender.  Chop the cilantro and place in the blender.

Lightly pulse. Don’t blend it too much or it will get bubbly and yucky.  Pour over the spiralized squash.

I especially like to eat this as a sauce over spiralized zucchini or yellow squash, but you could also use it as a dressing for any greens of your choice.  You could also just eat it on its own as a soup.

The mango-tomato-cilantro combo is just so delicious! 🙂

Salty Salt-Free Salsa


24 ounces cherry or grape tomatoes (sweetest you can find)
16 ounces of celery (4-6 stalks)
8 ounces red bell pepper (1 pepper)
4 ounces sweet apple (Gala or Fuji, 1/2 apple)
1 handful cilantro
1 English cucumber, sliced diagonally*

*I prefer the English variety.  They are less watery than traditional cucumbers and have much more flavor.


Cut half of the celery, red bell pepper, and all of the apple into medium-sized pieces.  You want each piece about the same size as the tomatoes.  Pulse half of the tomatoes and cilantro with the celery, pepper, and apple chunks.  You want a slightly chunky mixture, not a puree.

Dice the rest of the tomatoes, celery, bell pepper, & cilantro.  Stir blended portion with the diced portion and devour with cucumber slices or any veggie you like.

Not-So-Pretty Pistachio Dressing


2 medium tomatoes
1 medium cucumber
1 oz pistachios
1 head romaine lettuce


Coarsely chop tomatoes, half the cucumber, and pistachios and blend.  Spiralize the other half of the cucumber, chop the lettuce, and mix together with the dressing.  This is a very savory and hearty salad that I love to eat during the winter.

And you’ll know the reason for the name once you make the recipe. 😉

Go raw and be fit,


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Atkin Diet Plan Grocery List – Get the Food List For Atkin Diet Success

Contrary to what you might believe, your Atkin diet plan grocery list doesn’t have to be all about steaks and lobster tails. If you take the time to look through the list of acceptable Atkins food and do a little creative menu planning, you might find that you have a lot of freedom in your choices. And, it won’t cost you a bundle, either.

The thing you have to look out for when shopping with the Atkin diet plan grocery list is that you’re no longer looking for the least amount of calories or fat – you’re looking for the least amount of carbs in any given product. Now that all products are required to clearly display nutritional contents, you’ll find that this is easier than never – but it’s still going to take a pretty large readjustment on your part if you’re used to choosing everything that’s low-cal, low-fat or “light.”

Breakfast tends to be the time of day when we’re most used to eating carbs – from cereal to muffins and beyond. But, on Atkins you can amend your grocery list to include whole cheeses and eggs for decadent omelets, and fresh berries and cream for when you’re not up for cooking a big meal in the morning. And don’t worry – coffee is on the menu!!

Another thing that takes some getting used to are the meats and seafood available on this diet. There are a few things to look out for here:

1. With fresh fish being a bit expensive for every day cooking, you might want to go for frozen seafood. But, be careful that you purchase whole fish, or fresh-frozen – fish sticks, crab legs and other seafood products can have fillers that won’t be acceptable on Atkins.

2. Although chicken is normally a staple of any nutritious diet, Atkins gives you the option of adding delicious cream sauces and other flavorings that the usual diet prohibits. So, get creative!

3. Atkins is perfect for barbecue season – stick hearty steaks, chops and even tuna on the grill, and you’ve got succulent meals bursting with flavor.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll have to amend your grocery list a bit – but you won’t have to deprive yourself of the desserts you love. With Splenda, soy flour and a score of Atkins-friendly diet products such as sugar-free pudding on the market, it will be no time at all before you get in the habit of reaching for these items instead.

Some people feel that the lack of fruit on the Atkin diet plan is a drawback – but berries are welcome, full of healthy antioxidants and can be used fresh for breakfast, as a side during lunch or frozen and then pureed for a heavenly treat after dinner – with unsweetened chocolate sauce drizzled over top!

Come on! What’s keeping you from losing the extra weight and turning heads again?

Low Carb Diet Food List

You may need to make a low carb diet food list, there are lots of delicious as well as nice foods for low carb diets that you can add. Eating the food that you prefer can make your weight loss fun and delightful. Although, you should be certain that your list of foods should contain a variety of food that can assist you to reach your purpose in the diet you are sticking to.

Chicken is certainly the top choice of food for a lower carb diet, as it is particularly low in carbohydrates and also low in calories. It is certainly a good option to add to your low carb diet food list. Fish is also savoury and makes ideal diet food, as the majority of fish fillets have about twenty-two grams of protein for three 1/2 oz.

When making your low carb diet food list, first of all you have to select kinds of meal that you would like to eat whilst you are on your diet. But, there are hundreds of the diet foods that you can choose but these are some wonderful concepts that you may want to know.

One thing to avoid is unprocessed and non manufactured food, as recommended by the Atkins diet. However this has been that causes to weight reduction and health transformations. For optimum health it’s best to eat purely natural and fresh food.

To understand this better and to completely get the lower carb food labels, you must know the total carb content of the food you are consuming. Total carb content is derived from subtracting the amount of fiber and sugar from the total carbs. This is because many of the low carb food manufacturers state that fiber, while in technical terms a carbohydrate, is not absorbed by the body, and therefore must not be measured as carbohydrate. Consider this fact when creating your low carb diet food list.

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Healthy Food Plan For Weight Loss – A Weekly Diet Meal Plan For a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Healthy Food Plan For Weight Loss

Creating a healthy diet meal plan will not only help you lose weight but it can also contribute to your overall well-being. Making your own diet plan based on your nutritional needs is much easier to adhere to compared to other famous diets endorsed by celebrities and fitness gurus alike. The best diet for weight loss is one that is easy to follow and does not impose restriction. When talking about weight loss, people usually jump to a conclusion that they have to give up eating on what they are used to eating. Since giving up your favorite foodstuff is hard to cope with, most people fail to stick to their healthy diet plans for a long time.

It is the body’s natural reaction to crave more of the foods it is not allowed to have. That is why your diet meal plan should be flexible and with realistic objectives. A diet meal plan becomes easier to follow if you take it one week at a time. Planning diet menus for a whole week will establish a regular eating time and help you prepare the right kinds of food for specific days. A diet meal plan is necessary in creating a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It ensures that your every meal is made up of nutritious food choices and that you eat them regularly. Healthy Food Plan For Weight Loss

Losing weight fast means you have to stick to a meal plan that includes all food groups with the right proportion. Along with exercise, a diet meal plan helps you achieve your weight loss goals fast and experience a long-term success. Before you follow a plan, you should consult your doctor first to make sure that your meal plan meets your nutritional needs.

In your diet food plan, avoid or lessen sugar, dairy products, and extra carbohydrate intake. Although, you can have hamburger once in a while or a dark chocolate for a sweet treat. Make your meal plan simple so you can prepare each meal easily, without having to take up much of your time. To make it a family affair, ask each family member for a suggestion so they, too, will be encouraged to follow it.

Planning your meal 1 week earlier will surely help you in creating an easy-to-prepare meal as well as save so much of your precious time. In addition, planning your menu will lessen the time you spend when you do some grocery shopping because you already know beforehand everything that you are going to purchase and store, if needed. Eating in a healthy manner is very crucial; therefore, you have to stick to your meal plan for that efficient weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Healthy Food Plan For Weight Loss

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